Carpet Manufacturer in Pokhara


Carpet Manufacturer located in Pokhara.

Tashling handicraft center was set up in 1969 under the initiation of representative of central Tibetan refugee administration Dharamsala, India and Nepal Red Cross Society. Its main objective is to help the Tibetan refeguee by providing them job opportunities and support themselves. Our other very important aim is to restore and promote our age-old rare traditional fine art of carpet weaving and designs.

Our highly skilled and experienced carpet weavers can produce typical Tibetan traditional design and contemporary modern designs in any color combination and in any size reqired by the customers. We manufacture carpets in three categories: 100 knots, 80 knots and 60 knots.this means there are 100 knots per square inch in a 100 knots carpet and respectvely 80 and 60 knots per Square inch in 80 and 60 knots carpets.

Tibetan Handicraft center know as the Tibetan refugee camp. And it is the pioneer of Tibetan carpet industry in Pokhara, Nepal. This center provides job to Tibetans from the camp and local Nepalese. The profits of the handicraft center is used for the education, health care, sanitation, looked after old age and physically handicapped Tibetan people of this refugee camp.



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