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New Year in Pokhara!


New Year in Pokhara.


Pokhara celebrate new year 2 times a year. One is English new year and other is Nepalese new year. Nepali New Year 15th April and English New Year 01 January


Nepalese new year - Month of Baishak ( 13, 14th, 15th or 16th April depends on different year) Hotel Association organise Fewa New Year Festival each year with lots of Music and concerts in Lakeside. This festival start from Chitra 28th ( middle of April) and end on 02 Baishak 5 days. This festival organise inside the Basundhara Public Park Lakeside. Advance room booking is necessary in Lakeside because of full of tourist. Book your room New Pokhara Lodge Nepali New year photos are available to see on Fewa Newyear

English New Year : Restaurant Association of Lakeside organize street festival every year from 28th December to 01 January. The street of Lakeside full of colors and music. Restaurant bring tables on the street to serve foods and drinks. Thousands of tourist celebrate this festival some time it is difficult to get rooms in Lakeside. Book your room New Pokhara Lodge View photos of street festival


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