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Get Around

By Taxi and Jeep

You can hire a taxi for sightseeing around Pokhara. It is better if you fixed the price before riding. If you need to hire taxi you can call below taxi owner for better rates.

New Pokhara Lodge own a 8 seater new Jeep you can do sightseeing and pick up and drop off Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan and for Jomsom Muktinath and other destination. Call 061-464990 or 9846107866

Mr Bharat for small and comfortable (Perodua Kelisa taxi) 9846034765. Tell Mr Bharat that you are recommended by New Pokhara Lodge.

Mr. Tul Prasad (Santro Hundai taxi) 9846028128. Tell Mr Tul Prasad that you are recommended by New Pokhara Lodge.

Mr. Rudra (Santro Hundai taxi) 9846028624. Tell Mr Rudra that you are recomemded by New Pokhara Lodge.

Or visit New Pokhara Lodge, the Lodge owner can help you to find taxi on reasonable price.

Little note to customer : please note your taxi number if you are hiring from street. No one knows if you forget some valuable in taxi to return back to you.


There are regular micro bus running on the street of Pokhara city. You may need to change bus to visit different sightseeing spot. Ask your hotel reception about micro bus route.

By bicycle

It is possible to hire a bicycle in Lakeside for a small price (Rs 100-500 a day). If you are hiring a bicycle make sure the seat is not too hard. Also, try realigning the seat if it is set uphill way, instead of sloping down. Besides the Lake area, you can go for a bike ride down to the airport way, on way to the Tibetan settlement where there is a nice little monastery, a school, and refugee jewelry and craft stalls. Be prepared to ride all the way uphill on return trip to Lake area. If yours is a mountain bike it is paddle able all the way back. But it is wise to take a rest halfway if you want to avoid suffering from cramps and weariness the following day, from the long ride.

Scooter or a motorbike

It is also possible to hire a scooter or a motorbike in Lakeside (from Rs 500 to 800 a day). You will have to buy the petrol yourself (Rs 110 per liter). Some time it is little bit difficult to reach Sarangkot or the World Peace Pagoda with gearless motorbike or scooter due to the steep road. So hire good condition Scooter and Motorbike

If you need any help to know about getting around / sightseeing tour of Pokhara valley please write a mail to the owner of New Pokhara Lodge he will be happy to give you advice.

Pokhara has extensive privately operated public transportation system running throughout the city, adjoining townships and nearby villages. Pokhara Mahanagar Bus Bebasaya Samiti (green, brown and blue buses), Mama Bhanja Transport (blue buses), Bindabashini Samiti(blue buses), Phewa Bus Bebasaya Samiti(mini micros) and Lekhnath Bus Bebasaya Samiti (green and white buses) are the private companies that provide public bus transportation facility in and around Pokhara Valley. The public transport mainly consists of local and city buses, micros, micro-buses and metered-taxis. Following are the bus routes of Pokhara valley:

Chhorepatan – Nayabazar- Bagar
Chhorepatan – Chipledhunga – Mahendrapul – Bagar – Lamachaur – (Jogimadi)
Chhorepatan – Chipledhunga – Mahendrapul – Bagar – Mahendra Cave – (Jaimure)
Chhorepatan – Chipledhunga – Parsyang – Harichok
Chhorepatan – Old Buspark – Amarsingh Chok – Ranipauwa – Phulbari (Manipal Teaching Hospital)
Sedi (Lakeside) – Hallanchok (Lakeside) – Chipledhunga – Kahunkhola – Kaseri
Sedi (Lakeside) – Hallanchok (Lakeside) – Amarsingh – Miyapatan – Kahunkhola- Kaseri
Kaseri – Kahunkhola – Mahendrapul – Nayabazar – Zero Kilometer – Hallanchok (Lakeside)
Khalte Masina – Rambazar – New Road – Bhairav Tole – Bagar (Deep Housing)
Hari Chok – Old Buspark – Chothe – Majheripatan
Tundikhel – Chipledhunga – Amarsingh – Kundahar – Miyapatan
Tundikhel – Chipledhuga – Amarsingh – Kundahar – Raatdanda
Phewa Lake (Tal Barahi Temple) – Nepal Rastra Bank – Birauta – Pokhara Airport – New Road – Mahendrapul – Bagar
Phewa Lake (Tal Barahi Temple) – Nepal Rastra Bank – Birauta – Pokhara Airport – New Road – Mahendrapul – Bagar – Mahendra Cave
Phewa Lake (Tal Barahi Temple) – Nepal Rastra Bank – Mustang Chok – Chothe – Tal Chok – Begnas Lake
Harichok – Zero Kilometer – Old Buspark – Budhha Chok – Hospital Chok (Western Regional Hospital)
Phulbari (Manipal Teaching Hospital) – Ranipauwa – Amarsingh Chok – Rambazar – Southern Phulbari (Phulbari Resort)
Baglung Buspark – Chothe – Sisuwa – Begnas Lake
Baglung Buspark – Chothe – Pokhara University
Baglung Buspark – Chothe – Raj Chautara
Baglung Buspark – Chothe – Begnas Lake – Rupa Lake
Baglung Buspark – Chothe – Arghau Chok – Baghmara
Chipledhunga – Old Buspark – Birauta – Baghmara
Chipledhunga – Sabhagriha Chok – Buddha Chok – Indian Embassy – Rambazar – Naya Gaun – Institute of Forestry – Tuttunga
Chipledhunga – New Road- Sabhagriha Chok – Srijana Chok – Shantinagar Chok – Jarebar – Dihikopatan – Hallanchok (Lakeside)
Prithivi Chok – Pokhara Airport – Mustang Chok – Birauta – Chhorepatan – Shanti Stupa, Pokhara
Prithivi Chok – Pokhara Airport – Mustang Chok – Birauta – Chhorepatan – Tara Bhir
Prithivi Chok – Pokhara Airport – Mustang Chok – Birauta – Chhorepatan – Mattikhan
Mahendrapul – Ranipauwa (Nepal Telecom) – Phulbari (Manipal Teaching Hospital) – Bhalam
Mahendrapul – Ranipauwa (Nepal Telecom) – Phulbari – Kahun Danda(काहुॅ डाडा)