Hotel Kausi, Pokhara


Hotel Kausi, Lakeside Pokhara Nepal

Hotel Kausi is a unique boutique hotel located in the heart of Pokhara, Nepal, offering a blend of western standards and traditional Nepali design. The name “Kausi” translates to “balcony” in English, which is integral to the pagoda-style houses in Nepal. The hotel provides a luxurious and comfortable ambiance with attentive service and authentic hospitality.

Situated amidst the stunning scenery of the Annapurna Mountain Range and Fewa Lake, Hotel Kausi boasts 40 deluxe rooms and suites, equipped with modern amenities for a pleasant stay. The property features a conference hall for meetings and events, as well as multiple restaurants offering a diverse range of national and international cuisines.

Hotel Kausi warmly welcomes nature and adventure enthusiasts, peace seekers, and all kinds of travelers to the paradise of Pokhara. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of majestic mountains, sail on Fewa Lake, explore Stupas, Museums, and Caves, and create memorable moments with loved ones during their stay.

The Deluxe Family Rooms offer comfortable hospitality to families with children, featuring one big bed and one extra single bed. The Deluxe Twin Rooms come with twin beds and a private Kausi (balcony), providing stunning views of the mountains, lake, and city. Similarly, the Deluxe Double Rooms are furnished with a king-size bed and a private Kausi (balcony) for guests to enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

In essence, Hotel Kausi offers a unique and memorable experience to guests visiting Pokhara, known for its natural beauty and adventure opportunities.

Hotel Kausi, Lakeside Pokhara Nepal, Telephone +977 61-590330

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