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Pokhara Lakeside, a renowned tourist hub in Nepal, attracts visitors with its plethora of accommodations, dining options, shops, and travel services. Nestled along the picturesque Phewa Lake, it hosts international and local tourists seeking adventure and relaxation. Lakeside comprises three main roads and numerous sub roads, each with unique local names and convenient street numbers, simplifying navigation for tourists seeking Hotels, Motel, Resorts, Lodge, Inn, Guest House, Hostel, Home Stay, Cottage, Cabins, Flats, Apartments, Bed and Breakfast, Vacation Rentals, restaurants, and shops, including a variety of lodging options from guesthouses to vacation rentals.

Many hotels & lodges are situated in scenic locations of Lakeside, which offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Lakeside begin from here.
Lakeside begin from here.

Some of the popular types of hotels and lodges in Lakeside Pokhara include homestays, backpacker hostels, eco-lodges, and luxury lodges. Each type of hotel has its own unique features, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs and budget.
Overall, hotel in lakeside is likely to offer a great experience, given the natural beauty and warm hospitality of the region.

Lets explore Lakeside Hotels by Street numbers.

Lakeside Street Numbers and Names. (मार्ग Marg / Marga means Road)

Lakeside in Pokhara is primarily divided into three main roads.

  1. South Road ((लेकसाइड मार्ग, Lakeside Road) runs alongside Fewa Lake, connecting Tourist Bus Park to Khahare. It passes through Sahid Chowk, Basundhara Park, Gaurighat, Barahi Chowk, and Hallan Chowk. Street numbers 1 to 19 are on this road, with Street 1 to Street 17 connecting to Middle Road.
  2. Middle Road, also known as Malpot Road (मालपोत मार्ग), starts from Tourist Bus Park to Ward 6 Office, Tal Barahi High School. Along the way, it passes through Sahid Chowk, Malpot Office, Shantipatan Chowk, and Shree Krishna Tole. The road derives its name from the famous Malpot Office located on its route. This road has no specific name.
  3. North Road (फेवा मार्ग Phewa Road) begins from Zero Kilometer and stretches to Bulaudi, passing through Jareber and Hallan Chowk. It also connects with various sub streets leading to Nahar Marga on the north side.

Street no. and names of the Streets.

  1. Street 01 – Kedareswor Marga
  2. Street 02 A – Multhok Marg
  3. Street 02 B – Multhok Marga
  4. Street 03 – Basundhara Marga
  5. Street 04 – Ambot Marga A
  6. Street 05 – Ambot Marga B
  7. Street 6 – Peaceful Marga
  8. Street 7 – Shiva Mandir Marga
  9. Street 8 – Gaurighat Marga
  10. Street 9 – Durbar Marga
      1. Street 9A  – connecting road between street 9 and street 13.
  11. Street 10 – Durbar Marga B
  12. Street 11 – Ratna Mandir Marga A
  13. Street 12 – Ratna Mandir Marga B
  14. Street 13 – Barahi Marga
  15. Street 14  Sarowor Marga
  16. Street 15 – Pahari Marg
  17. Street 16 – Samiko Patan Marga
  18. Street 16B – Devi Stan Marga
  19. Street 17 – Lalupate Marga
  20. Street 18 – Dehiko Patan Marga
  21. Street 19 – Khahare Chowk Marga
  22. Street 20 – Khahare Chowk Marga
  23. Street 21 – Lake Vision Marga
  24. Street 22 – Bagaladi Marga
  25. Street 23 – Chisa Khola Marga
  26. Street 24 – not found
  27. Street 25 – Kanti Marga
  28. Street 26 – Koirala Marga
      1. Street 26A – Has no local name
      2. Street 26B – Has no local name
  29. Street 27 – Chetana Marga
  30. Street 28 – Mani Marga
  31. Street 29 – Nahar Marga
  32. Street 30 –
  33. Street 31 – Nahar Marga
  34. Street 32 – Nahar Marga
  35. Street 33 – Nahar Marga
  36. Street 34 A – Gufa Marga
  37. Street 34 B –
  38. Street 35 – Shree Krishna Marga
  39. Street 36 – Gairi Khet Marga
  40. Street 37- Thado Pasal Marga
  41. Street 38 – Pragati Marga
  42. Street 39 –
  43. Street 40 – it has no old street name
  44. Street 41 – Lalupate Marga
  45. Street 42 –
  46. Street 43 – It has no old street name
  47. Street 44 – Suvakamana Marga
  48. Street 45 – Shree Krishna Marga
  49. Street 46 – Dristi Marga
  50. Street 47 –
  51. Street 48A – Thado Pasal Marga

Lakeside is a highly sought-after tourist destination situated in Pokhara, Nepal. It boasts of a wide array of amenities and establishments such as hotels, lodges, restaurants, shops, travel and trekking agencies, and money changers. This vibrant area caters to both local and international tourists who come to enjoy the many activities around Lakeside and Phewa Lake.

One of the most attractive features of Lakeside is its idyllic location, which is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and tranquil lakes. Many hotels and lodges are situated in these scenic locations, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape that leave visitors mesmerized. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort or a cozy bed and breakfast, Lakeside has something to suit your preferences and budget.

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