Street 17, Lakeside Pokhara


Street 17, Lakeside


Lalupate Marg Street 17, Lakeside
Main road Street 17, Lalupate Marga, Lakeside Pokhara
Street 17, Lakeside Pokhara
Entrance Street 17, Lalupate Marga, Lakeside Pokhara

Street 17, is known as Lalupate Marga, is located in Lakeside, Pokhara. It is a notable street in the area that offers various amenities and attractions for visitors. Lalupate Marga is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of establishments. The street is lined with hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops, catering to the needs of tourists. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of cuisines, explore local shops for souvenirs and handicrafts, and experience the lively nightlife in this area. Lalupate Marga provides a bustling and lively ambiance for those exploring Lakeside Pokhara. This road also connect to Tal Barahi High School and Street 41.

Hotel and Lodges in Street 17 Lakeside Pokhara – Lalupate Marga.

  1. Yeti Guesthouse – located between street 16 and street 17 on main road.
  2. Rosemary Kitchen & Guest House
  3. Butterfly Lodge
  4. Hotel Baidam
  5. The Khukuri
  6. Hotel Peninsuls
  7. The Temple Villa
  8. Sanctuary Lodge
  9. The Silver Oaks Inn
  10. The North Face Inn
  11. The Mountain House Lodge
  12. Hotel Elia
  13. Hotel the Cherry Garden
  14. Hotel The Double Tree
  15. Himalayan Guest House
  16. Hotel Queens Park
  17. Hotel Middle Point
  18. Hotel Kingfisher Inn
  19. Hotel Silverline
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