Street 3, Lakeside Pokhara


Street 03, Basundhara Marga, is a road in Lakeside Pokhara that begins from the main Lakeside street near Baba Lodge and Dhalia Hotel. It is known for its selection of well-known hotels such as Hotel Asia, Lakeside Retreat, Nepal Guest House, and New Pokhara Lodge. This northbound road eventually connects with Lakeside Middle Road (Malpot Marga). The area offers a variety of accommodation options with excellent views of the Annapurna and Fishtail Mountain ranges from many hotels and lodges. It provides a peaceful and convenient stay for travelers exploring the vibrant Lakeside Pokhara neighborhood.

Hotel and Lodges in Street 3 Lakeside – Basundhara Marga.

  1. Baba Lodge
  2. Hotel Dahlia
  3. Hotel Asia
  4. Lakeside Retreat
  5. Nepal Guest House
  6. New Pokhara Lodge
  7. Hotel Discovery
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