Street 4, Lakeside Pokhara


Hotel and Lodge in Street 5, Lakeside

Street 4 in Lakeside, Ambot Marga, begins from the main Lakeside street and connects with Street 5 at Shanti Patan Chowk. To the west of this junction lies Maili Bhancha Ghar. Popular hotels like Hotel Rara, Swiss Home, Hotel Krishina Dai, Hotel Nanohana, Hotel Sun Route, Mahadev Inn, Hotel Mums Garden, and Hotel Miracle are found along this street.

Hotel and Lodges in Street 4 Lakeside – Ambot Marga A

  1. Hotel Green Park
  2. Hotel Rara
  3. Hotel Krishina Dai
  4. Hotel Nanohana
  5. Hotel Sun Route
  6. Mahadev Inn
  7. Mums Garden Resorts
  8. Hotel Miracle
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