Street 5, Lakeside Pokhara


Street 5 Ambot Marg B LAkeside


Street 05 Lakeside Pokhara
Street 5 in Lakeside, Ambot Marga B, begins from the main Lakeside street and connects with Street 5 at Shanti Patan Chowk. To the west of this junction lies Maili Bhancha Ghar and in the East Hotel Miracle. Popular hotels like Hotel Nightingle, Hotel Moonstone, Hotel Mongolia, Pokhara Backpackers, Kumari Lodge, Hotel Yeti, Hotel Stay Well, Hotel Milarepa, Little Buddha Guest House, Kiwi Backpackers, Om Gaura Zostel, Hotel The Beehive, and Hotel Lismore are located on this street.

Hotel and Lodges in Lakeside Street 5, Ambot Marga B.

  1. Hotel Kausi – located between street 4 and street 5
  2. Hotel Nightingle
  3. Hotel Moonstone
  4. Hotel Mongolia
  5. Pokhara Backpackers
  6. Kumari Lodge
  7. Hotel Yeti
  8. Hotel Stay Well
  9. Hotel Milarepa
  10. Little Buddha Guest House
  11. Kiwi Backpackers
  12. Om Gaura Zostel
  13. Hotel The Beehive
  14. Hotel Lismore
  15. Hotel Beiging Lu
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