Street 9, Lakeside Pokhara

Street no 9, Durbar Marg Lakeside Pokhara

Hotel and Lodges in Street 9 Lakeside, Durbar Marg
Street 9, is known as Durbar Marga, is situated in Lakeside, Pokhara. It is a vibrant and bustling street that attracts both locals and tourists. Durbar Marga is known for its lively atmosphere and numerous entertainment options. The street is lined with hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops selling a variety of goods, including clothing, souvenirs, and handicrafts. offering a wide range of cuisines and entertainment venues. Visitors can enjoy live music, cultural performances, and a vibrant street life along Durbar Marga. But not like Kathmandu’s Durbar Marg.

Hotel and Lodges in Street 9 Durbar Marga, Lakeside Pokhara.

  1. Hotel Raniban Arcade – located between street 8 and street 9 on main road.
  2. Hotel Home Land
  3. Hotel Nirvana
  4. Durbar Inn
  5. Placid Vally
  6. Pokhara Palace Hotel
  7. Giri Guest House
  8. Hotel Grace
  9. Blue Planet Lodge
  10. Villa Papillon
  11. Lonely Guesyt House
  12. Hotel Snow Leopard
  13. Hotel Hakoniwa
  14. Hotel Abbas
  15. Hotel Paradise Inn
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