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Scooter Motorbike Riding

Tour of Pokhara by Motorcycle, Scooter and Bicycle.


If you have driving licence you may hire Motorcycle and Scooters for your tours and sightseeing. You can go to Sarangkot, World Peace Stupa, Khaun Danda and other hill station from where you can see beautiful view of valley and mountains. You can also explore the locals.

If you walk on the street of Lakeside you may find Bicycle, Motorcycle and Scooter rentals shops.

  1. Street no. 2B : Small shop with mobile items rent bicycle.
  2. Street no. 4 : Some time a guy bring bicycle for rent but not all the time.
  3. Street no. 5 : Under the shade of the tree you may find bicycle for rent.
  4. Street no. 8 : This is the quite popular place for Motorcycle and Scooter rentals. Motorcycle and Scooter are standing on side of the Lake.
  5. Street no. 9 : If you walk 50 meters inside from the main street you can find a Shop with Bicycle.
  6. Hallan Chowk: Walk to the east from Hallan Chowk junction you may find Bicycle, Motorcycle and Scooter rentals. Can see in the front of Shops small signboard. I have seen 5-6 Rentals around here.