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The most popular sightseeing places in and around Pokhara are:

Phewa Lake

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful city in Nepal. Phewa Tal is surrounded by a combination of monkey-filled forests and the high white peaks. The reflections in the mirror-like water in the early mornings are something you must see at least once before you die, see the picture on the right. For more photos on Pokhara please visit . Hire a boat and row yourself across the lake (or hire a local to do it for you – there are some fine times to be had on this lake, even in the middle of the night!)

Begnas Lake

Begnan Lake is located on Lekhnath. This is another small town east from Pokhara, Begnas Lake is out of town and away from the hustle, Begnas Tal is quiet, clean and peaceful. There are a few basic hotels to stay in and the odd refreshment shop. The walk along the road leading to Begnas Tal is fascinating, the seasonal rhythms of daily life in the country make great images. From May 2016 Bus service has been started between Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake. Every 30 minutes bus leaves from both Lake station. From Begnas, Bus leaves from Begnas Bus Park and from Fewa Lake, Bus leaves from Barahi Temple. It only cost Rs 50 per person. The Bus route is Barahi Temple — Basundhara Park — Sahid Chowk — Airport — Prithivi Chowk — Amarsingh Chowk — Leknath Chowk — Tal Chowk — Begnas Lake.

Rupa Tal

One of the more remote lakes in Pokhara with limited accessibility and hence more serene and unspoilt compared to the other lakes. A must visit for any nature lover

Dipang Tal

Beautiful lake where you can find wild lotus and wild swan. It is located about fifteen minutes walk from Sisuwa, the city centre of Lekhnath muncipality.

Devis Falls

Spectacular, eerie and unusual, Devi falls plunge into a cave and disappear into the earth. Rs 20. edit

World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa)

Built about 25 years ago atop a hill overlooking Phewa Tal, the Stupa offers a great place to see the mountains and the sunset over Pokhara. It can be accessed by hiring a boat across the lake and following a pretty good track upward, climbing up through the forest (but watch out for leeches during the monsoon)or by foot from the road that passes Devi’s Fall, turning right at the end of Chhorepatan. Taxis can now drive up to within 15 minutes’ walk of the Stupa – ask them to use the Chhorepatan road, which is shorter and therefore should be a little cheaper than the Kalimati road.


The perfect pre-trek warm-up. Head up Sarankot in the late afternoon (be prepared, it’s steep and hard work) find yourselves a warm guest house before sunset, go up the top for sunset and again for sunrise… you won’t be disappointed. You can rent a motor bike for under 700Rs and take yourself to the top. The road is rough, but traversable. Great views, spectacular images and a great way to get a taste of what it’s like to be trekking.

Mahendra Cave

Mahendra Cave is a famous cave located in Batulechaur, the northern end of the Pokhara city.

Chamare Gufa

Bat cave. It is another cave located some ten minutes away from the famous Mahendra cave. This cave is famous for the bats that can be seen hanging by the cave’s walls.

Gupteswar Mahadev Cave

Another cave famous for it’s religious importance located in the southern end of the city, Chorepatan. This cave has a famous Hindu god Shiva.

International Mountain Museum

.A museum 061-460742 about mountaineering and its history. You could have description of the people living in the Himalayas and descriptions of the 14 highest peaks and their most famous expeditions. Rs 100 for SAARC resident.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

08:00-16:30 everyday. Museum dedicated to the famous soldiers from Nepal. You can observe here the various historic uniforms, their famous knifes and the different flags. Rs 150 for foreigners. Rs 80 for SAARC resident.


Do you know how to go around for sightseeing? visit get around page.

Pokhara sightseeing package rate. Car and Taxi price for sightseeing around Pokhara including Sunrise tour to Sarankot, Bindabashani Temple, Gorkha Memorial Museum, Bat Cave & Mahendra Cave, Old Bazaar, Bindabashani Temple, Seti River George, Suspension Bridge, World Peace Temple, Devis Fall, Gupteshwor Mahadav Cave, Tibetan Handicraft Center, International Mountain Museum, Historical Museum, Buddhist Monastery, Begnas and Rupa Lake “>

Pokhara sightseeing package rate/ price.
Program 1 US$ 40 (rate for 1 to 3 person – taxi)

Bindabashani Temple
Seti River George
Gorkha Memorial Museum
Bat Cave & Mahendra Cave
Program 2 US$ 30 (rate for 1 to 3 person – taxi)

Tibetan Handicraft Center
Devis Fall
Gupteshwor Mahadav Cave
Old Bazaar
Bindabashani Temple
Seti River George
Suspension Bridge
Program 3 US$ 40 (rate for 1 to 3 person -taxi)

World Peace Temple
Devis Fall
Gupteshwor Mahadav Cave
Tibetan Handicraft Center
International Mountain Museum
Program 4 US$ 40 (rate for 1 to 3 person – taxi)

Historical Museum
Buddhist Monastery
Begnas and Rupa Lake
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