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Transportation to go to Pokhara / How to go Pokhara?


You can travel to Pokhara from the capital Kathmandu using the tourist bus travels that are readily available from Kanti Path early in the morning. or the local microbuses or buses which leave Kathmandu for Pokhara almost every 15 minutes from Gongbu Bus Park. These buses are available until late afternoon. There are night buses as well running on this route but these can be a painful ride, so avoid them. The local buses will cost you around NRs. 400 to 600. Coming from the southern border to India, several buses leave to Pokhara from the border city, mainly in the very wee hours (first at 4AM). It takes about 9 hours and costs between 500 and 1000 Rs. Flights cost roughly $119 each way and take only 25 minutes from KTM. They have the bonus of giving you a bird’s eye view of the countryside and of the mountains themselves.


Most of the hotels and travel agents sell tourist bus, Car, Jeep and flight tickets to go to Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can talk in the reception. To find out normal price you may email Some one will reply as soon as possible.

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